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[EAE Add-ons] Thread preview widget 1.2

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Added the following new options to the thread preview widget settings:
  • Bypass Page node requirement - if selected this widget will no longer exit if a Page node is not detected, allowing it to be used elsewhere
  • URL field - (optional) if the above option is selected you may choose to enter a URL here to generate the previous and next buttons. Depending on your set-up this may not be required
  • Include sticky threads (this option will add one new query) - if checked, sticky threads will be displayed first on page 1, followed by normal threads
  • Articles only - if selected, threads that are articles will only be fetched from the selected forums
  • Display prefixes - if a thread has a prefix, it will be displayed before the title
  • Display previous and next buttons - if selected, previous and next buttons (if applicable) will be displayed below the last four thread blocks
  • Cover source - you may choose to use an image for the cover from the first post or the last post
  • Snippet length - all listed thread previews will be snipped to this value. It is defaulted to 100, so you may want to up this value
Note that this add-on is designed to work within a page node. I can not guarantee how it will work on non-page nodes although with my limited testing it does work as expected including the previous and next buttons.
Added an option that should have been added before release: you can now choose to use covers, not use any covers, or just give the first thread in the list a cover. Also added an option to only use an image that is no wider than x px (if one can be found). Defaulted to 0, which ignores that option.