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Latest reviews

not working and its free not a paid version
need more quality to work good its not compatible with post 100% need more smoth
very good
works great, but if you dont understand whatever language this is, gl on google translate
I am still not shure if i like this addon. It means that Google has problems to index all pages or not? What happens if to crawler find a) no access b) access to a page?
love xpress xlink
Very useful add-on
a must have
Nice upload
The theme is awesome
Tried to use the app with my XF2 installation and i couldn't generate the app for a week and when i was able to do it, the app only showed a blank page as my forum index same with the shoutbox.

It's sad because it really look like a great app but sadly it didn't work for me. Maybe in the future i will try it again.
I was looking for that add-on since a long time
I was looking for that add-on since a long time
This is most likely my favorite add-on
This is most likely my favorite add-on
Excellent addon
Excellent addon

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