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Let your users designate when their thread has ended. This add-on allows you to select, on a per node basis, with an "done" prefix.

If the user has permission to either mark their own thread done or any thread done, they'll see a link by the thread tools menu that allows them to "Mark As {prefix}" (or 'resolved' if no prefix is set).

Depending on options, this will result in the thread being locked and assigned a prefix. Optionally, done threads can be automatically filtered out from the threadlist.

User Permissions
  • Mark thread by anyone done.
  • Mark thread by self done.
No defaults, please ensure permissions are setup for this add-on to be usable!

Forum filtering of Done threads

Done threads have an icon in the forum list:

Admin Panel

Check to allow the feature and select the "done" prefix.

User Functionality

If the user has permission to mark their own threads done and it's their thread, or they have permission to mark any thread done, then when viewing a thread. It'll appear like this:

Once clicked, they will be prompted to confirm like this (the text is dynamic based on the prefix selected):

Once confirmed, the thread will be locked and the prefix will be assigned:


They can revert the change by Marking it as not done (phrasing is dependent on the prefix selected by the admin):

This unlocks the thread and removes the prefix.


I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade to install this add-on.

The original development cost of the add-on was funded by @Joeychgo.
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