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This add-on is designed to get the most out of your members from the get go and direct them to wherever you deem important straight after registration. This is done with tasks you set for each member to complete to progress to 100% profile completion. Examples of possible tasks are profile fields (including custom fields) being filled out, creating a topic in a certain forum or posting a status. Features
  • Easily specify custom tasks for your members to complete
  • Each task takes a condition like filling out a certain profile field
  • Specify a percentage for each task to contribute to the 100% completion
  • Integrates with the XenForo criteria system so you can do things like give a user group promotions or trophy at a certain percent
  • An alert will be sent when the user reaches 100% completion, can be disabled in options
  • Programmed in a way that other developers can easily add alternative conditions for tasks
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