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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
Visible branding
Do you make use of custom profile fields? This addon will make those custom fields easily visible by adding a popup window in the message view. Other users can now see all the profile fields without extra clicking and without eating up extra space.

It's a small addon I made for my own site. I make heavy use of the custom profiles to know more about the situation of the customer. This helps others when answering questions.


  1. Copy the contents of the folder "upload" to your forum
  2. Go to your xenForo admin control panel > Addons
  3. Install the new addon

  • You can modify the style settings by going to Appearance > Style properties > Messages
  • Everything is 'phrased', so it should be easy to translate

Profile Fields Popup in action:



Style properties:

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. [2.2.0] Small compatibility update

    Adding .m-clearFix(); for addon compatibility (Thnx Nulumia for your suggestion).
  2. Free for all

    This add-on can now be downloaded and used for free. No branding! Have fun ...
  3. [2.0.7] Bug fixes and updates

    Small bug fixes in html/css: fixed no closing quote in some situations and some css...
  4. [2.0.6] Better popup handling

    This version is for XenForo 2.1 and higher. Popup will not go out of screen anymore, instead it...
  5. [2.0.5] New features

    Added option to show the personal and contact profile fields separated Changed permissions to...