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This is where Steam meets XenForo 2.0

Using all the best functions of XenForo tied with the power of Steam Authentication.

Notable Features
  • Login with Steam
  • Force Association
    • Prevents users from removing steam as a connected account.
  • Force Steam Login
    • Prevents users from logging in with a username and password or registering traditionally.
  • Force Steam Profile Picture
    • Updates the users profile picture to be their Steam profile picture at login.
    • *Updates profile picture every time the user logs in
  • Steam Status in Message Sidebar
  • List Connected Users
  • Template Helper
    • Include {{ steam_profile($user) }} to show the user's Steam status
  • Steam ID in Contact Information for Member Profiles
    • Supports permissions system
  • Once payment is complete check your email for a download link.
  • Upload files as you would any typical add-on.
  • Install it.
  • Grab yourself a Steam Web API Key if you don't already have one.
  • Put it in Setup > Connected Accounts > Steam
  • Test it!
  • Links to Steam. You are more than welcome to remove this.
  • Updates are not implied. I will release patch fixes and a few new features here and there but there is no specific timeline.
  • I will offer support for free and respond as quickly as life will allow me. You might have a better chance getting me in Discord - Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  • Provide details. Show the entire error log, add a picture etc anything to help recreate the problem on my end thus getting you a patch in a more timely manner.
  • I am a freelance developer and appreciate your business.
Customer Center
  • Access product files using the provided download link in your email upon checkout.
    • Lost it? Contact me directly and I will send you a new unique product access key.
  • Cannot access my website?
    • Your region could potentially be blocked by my firewall.
      Please message me directly with your IP Address to whitelist you.
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