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  • Improvements made to the up/down positions that are shown in threadbit
  • Added display style to Trending widget options, these include Simple and Standard. Standard is best used when setting its widget positions above or below nodes.
  • Added functionality that adds a trending topic block option to the activity summary emails and section within your ACP.
  • Fixed an issue that caused thtending_trending_view to show as "Viewing unknown page" when on the online list page.
  • Removed leftover tab under analyze permissions.
  • Added XF2.1 API Support
  • Added Support for Multi Prefix on trending thread view
Important! This add-on no longer supports XenForo 2.0. Please upgrade to XenForo 2.1 first, before updating to this version.


  • Added more filters within Trending configuration for all three trending types.
  • Added more trending options for threads, resources, and media trending types.
  • Added scoring which allows you to see the position change in thread popularity.
  • Added mark read button support on the trending page.
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Bugs fixed:
  • Removed trending permissions from analyze permissions page
  • Console log error: "no scroll target"
  • Improved support for [TH] Topics
Bugs fixed:
  • The threads forum is now shown on the thread list.
  • Added a padding to the "no trending threads" message.
  • Trending and new posts do no longer have different filter setups.
  • A superfluous permission has been removed.
  • Trending algorithm names are now shown on the ACP trending overview page.
  • Trending tabs can now be quick-toggled in the ACP.
  • Trending configurations are now sortable in the ACP.
  • Install & Upgrade meta-data has been added.
  1. Added usergroup permissions
  2. Improved the trending filter bar
  3. Added pageaction to trending_view
  4. Added an option for trending to be placed on the main page in Basic Board Information
  5. Adjusted section context depending on trending content types
  6. Changed trending nav items to be a sub-item of a forum instead
Bugs Fixed:
  1. Fixed the issue that caused special characters to show incorrectly