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Ali Raza

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.2.15

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  • Fix error when Report Improvements is not installed/enabled and notices for warnings/warning actions are created
  • Use phrase groups instead of individual phrases when creating threads/posts for Warnings and Warning Actions
  • Ensure thread notifications do not occur inside the transaction when issuing a warning that causes warning action notifications
  • Fix duplicate : in phrase when issuing a warning with select-box selectors
  • Fix that viewing list of warning actions did not have the same permission checks as viewing a warning action
  • Fix incorrect phrase usage for warning defaults 'years'
  • Compatibility fix with Report Improvements add-on's reply-ban from warnings feature
  • Fix duplicate : in phrase when issuing a warning with radio selectors
  • Add icon to options (XF2.1)
  • Fix duplicate : in phrase when issuing a warning with radio selectors
  • Add icon to options (XF2.1)
  • Update default Warning_Summary_Message & Warning_Summary_Title phrases to refer to the warning title and not the content title
  • Fix that upgrading from XF1.x could leave warning actions in an unmanageable state
  • Fix warning about note length being displayed twice
  • Support MultiPrefix multiple default forum prefixes
Fix installer, so new installs add expected default phrases
  • Installing this update will create those phrases if they are missing
Fix various warning conversation options not being respected when the warning type is changed
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