[XD] Feature Threads 1.0.3

  • Author Valter
  • Creation date
  • You can download everything free without any restrictions.
What's New 1.0.3
  • Added display positions ( Sidebar option)
  • Fixed JS bugs.
  • Added number of slides to show at a time (1-2 or 3) option.
  • Compatible with XenForo 2.1

What's New 1.0.2

  • Now users can control slider speed and more! (Suggestion comes from @easiii )

  • Added new display position (Forum view) (Suggestion comes from @kelle67 )
  • Added new phrases and fixed buttons (Suggestion comes from @gldtn )
  • Fixed fontawesome icons ( XF 2.0.x and 2.1+)
Thanks for all suggestions.

As long as I have the opportunity, your suggestions will continue to be added.

  • Less problems fixed. (Not Font Awesome 5 icons )
  • Added display positions ( Sidebar option in progress)

Note: Advanced (full) - Simple widget options will add with the next release.
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