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[Xenforo] XF2 Essential Suite v1.0.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Visible branding

With the various tools your forum might need and a variety of theme choices, we help solve the burden of dozens of licenses by bundling some of our XenForo 2 add-ons and themes into a suite. Use what you want, when you need it.

Customize Your Forum The

XF2 Essential Suite
offers everything you need to take your forum to the next level, whether you are a small or big player.
A collection of add-ons and themes
With XenForo 2's extensive list of add-ons and themes, you have the tools you need when you need them.
Save money with the XF2 Essential Suite
A suite of our XF2 products on a single copy of XenForo at a quarterly or yearly price. We are confident that you will love our products and the price!
Remove Brands Free
Remove branding from add-ons and themes.

Enter the filter.
The filter gives your visitors the ability to easily navigate to the content they want - without refreshing - using a filter widget or filter bar to load results directly to the page they're on without waiting for the page to load.
Customers who have already purchased Themes or UI.X Pro with Themes included can get the filter for free! UI.X Pro users automatically access the filter in their account. Topics users can use coupon code FREEFILTER19 at checkout to get the filter for free. If you have a problem with the coupon code, just open the claim and let us know.

Apply filters without reloading the page

Simplify the search for content by visitors

Use prefixes and nodes without additional configuration

Style Switch
Do your users prefer dark or light mode? Users who have a preference are likely to install it on their operating system - for example, the latest versions of iOS, Android, Windows 10, and others - so let your site determine their preferences and automatically give them the style they prefer with Style Switch! Plus, with a simple toggle, your visitors can easily switch between them without rebooting!
Note that the [TH] style switcher works best if you don't have too many themes installed. The best configuration for maximum Style Switch compatibility is to have one light style, one dark style, and a child style under each. For automatic detection, you must add an additional child style below the one you want to be the main one. The style switcher works by toggling the CSS formatting present in the styles, so the light and dark mode styles should not contain any differences in the HTML entities themselves. Trying to switch between two completely different styles may not give the expected result. Only supported browsers and devices can use the auto-detect feature. You can still offer as many topics to your visitors as
Style selector
features Administrator features
Easily select light, dark and standard styles
Download additional style sheets with light and dark styles
Enable or disable automatic color mode detection for one style
Adjust the dark and light mode selector
User Features
Preferred style is automatically selected based on dark and light mode found on supported devices and browsers.
Provides a simple switch to allow users to make their own choices
Seamlessly transition between similar styles without rebooting
Activation Reminder & User Purger
For larger forums, membership management can be challenging. With the activation reminder, automatically send an email to users who signed up but never activated their account after a certain number of days. If they still don't activate their account, use the User Purger to clear them automatically after a certain amount of time!

Reduce the number of bots and inactive user accounts

Reminder for activation and user cleanup function
Set the number of days to wait before sending another reminder to activate a user account
Set the number of days to wait before deleting users who have never activated their
Attachments Plus account
Managing multiple streams and attachments for users can be challenging. With Attachments Plus, your users can go to one place to easily view and manage all of their attachments and their locations! In addition, administrators can set new limits for attachments, including maximum number per message and file size.
Adds functionality for users who post attachments

frequently Improves board management with heavy attachments with additional controls Administrator

Limit the maximum number of attachments per user
Limit the maximum disk space a user can use for attachments
Replace the default icons for attachments
Add new icons for use with attachments
User Features
Manage all attachments in one place
View content with attachments and remove attachments from them content

content Creation Limits
Controlling the frequency of posts and other content is an important part of ensuring good performance, reducing spam, and minimizing duplicate messages. With these granular frequency controls, you can set frequency settings for a specific forum at specific time periods, as well as reduce spam with other user-generated content features.
Increase the granularity of posting frequency control

Features of restrictions on content creation
Control how many posts, media, resources and conversation messages can be done in a certain period of time
Determine the number of posts made in a certain period of time on the forum
Limit the frequency of sending or posting Conversation messages and other types of content

Thread Watchers By
simply displaying the number of watchers, your users can get an idea of the interest in the thread and encourage them to interact! Users who have the appropriate permission can also see who is watching, which is an added incentive to interact, knowing that another user will be notified of their message!
Encourage participation by demonstrating interest in the topic
Thread Watchers

Features Features
Show how many people are watching the thread under the title.
List of users who are watching discussions
Added the "View Thread Watchers" permission setting to control who can see who is watching the thread.
User Profile Notes
Add notes to your members' profile pages in a separate tab that only users with the appropriate permissions can see.
Make notes on member profile pages that are only visible to users with the appropriate permissions you set.
User Profile Note
Features Features
Add notes to user profiles
Edit your own notes or notes added by other moderators, depending on permissions
Delete your own notes or notes added by other moderators, depending on permissions.
Indicate Threads with Staff Replies

Simplify the recognition of employee response threads by adding an icon to threads that contain at least one employee message. Select if you want topics to be counted as having staff posts if the author of the first post is an employee.
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