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No permission to download / read this

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Dec 31, 2015

if you are a new memeber and you want to download resource files.

And just you need do this:

We will not held responsible for any file you download from here. Read More

You are solely responsible for every activity, If we find you sharing resources anywhere else you will be permanently banned and no refund will be issued! So don't do it! We are striving to be the number one Xenforo Underground Community and Leeching just hurts it for everyone!

Terms and conditions for VIP/Premium Membership

We encourage all members to share content with our website, so that all of our members can get new updated material everyday. We ask that all new members be active in our forums. If you came here just to download our resources, we will more then likely remove your account. We want active members.

Note: don´t push posting-counter with messages like Thanks, Good, haha, nice post, thanks for sharing, and smileys... only use reactions!
If you break rules All Threads will be deleted without any comment or notification.


Not open for further replies.