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Redirection script for SMF 2.0 2.2

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XenForo submitted a new resource:

Redirection script for SMF - A script to redirect SMF to Xenforo URL's

Script to help you redirect from SMF 2.0 to Xenforo 1.5 / 2.x

There are a few things for this script to work correctly:
  • SMF 2.0 was using normal URLs, like "https://www.domain.com/smf/index.php?board=5.0"
    So "Search engine friendly URLs" and other SEO/Pretty URL's where not enabled. You will need to change the script if you where using one of those.
  • "Use full friendly URLs" in Xenforo is enabled
  • During the import to Xenforo, you choose to retain ID's
  • Both...

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